• Official-sounding Calls About an Email Hack

    April 07, 2016, 3:18 PM

    Fraud Resource: Below is an article published by the FTC as a resource for consumers to help avoid suspicious or fraudulent situations. 

    by Andrew Johnson
    Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC

    There’s a new twist on tech-support scams — you know, the one where crooks try to get access to your computer or sensitive information by offering to “fix” a computer problem that doesn’t actually exist. Lately, we’ve heard reports that people are getting calls from someone claiming to be from the Global Privacy Enforcement Network. Their claim? That your email account has been hacked and is sending fraudulent messages. They say they’ll have to take legal action against you, unless you let them fix the problem right away.

    If you raise questions, the scammers turn up the pressure – but they’ve also given out phone numbers of actual Federal Trade Commission staff (who have been surprised to get calls). The scammers also have sent people to the actual website for the Global Privacy Enforcement Network. (It’s a real thing: it’s an organization that helps governments work together on cross-border privacy cooperation.)

    Here are few things to remember if you get any kind of tech-support call, no matter who they say they are:

    • Don’t give control of your computer to anyone who calls you offering to “fix” your computer.
    • Never give out or confirm your financial or sensitive information to anyone who contacts you.
    • Getting pressure to act immediately? That’s a sure sign of a scam. Hang up.
    • If you have concerns, contact your security software company directly. Use contact information you know is right, not what the caller gives you.

    Read on to learn more about tech-support scams and government imposter scams. And, if you spot a scam, tell the FTC.

  • What’s the Best Way for a Small Business to Process Credit Card Payments?

    February 11, 2016, 8:51 PM

    If your small business needs to accept credit card payments, it has never been easier to do so! There are a number of methods to process these payments; the most convenient route will depend on how you want to do business with your customer. If you will make transactions in person, a traditional credit card machine or a mobile swiper could be the best fit. If your sales are made remotely, via the internet or phone, a secure payment gateway service can handle transactions on your behalf.

    Credit card machine. This hardware is used to swipe a credit card in person, or if necessary, to manually enter a credit card number from a phone or internet order. Credit and debit card processing equipment is usually provided with a merchant account. Credit card terminals are best for a business that only needs its credit card processing system to accept payments.

    Mobile card reader. You can accept credit cards anywhere using a mobile credit card processor attached to a smartphone or tablet, such as ProcessNow® Mobile. It works like a regular credit card terminal and is ideal for businesses that only have a few transactions per day, that conduct transactions on-the-go or that want to sell anywhere within a brick-and-mortar store.

    Online payment gateway. For businesses that conduct a significant amount of business transactions online, a payment gateway service allows credit cards and electronic checks to be accepted on a website or online store. Funds are automatically deposited into a merchant bank account.

    Are You Getting the Best Rates for Payment Processing?

    City Bank offers competitive payment processing services that make it easy for your business to accept credit card payments and stay profitable. Enjoy local weekday support, dedicated sales and support staff, and a 24/7 Merchant Help Desk. If you’re currently using another provider, we welcome the opportunity to do a price comparison so you can see if you’re really getting the best rates. If you’re getting a better deal, we’ll tell you! Call (800) OUR-BANK or walk in today.

  • City Bank Promotes Three

    January 25, 2016, 2:36 PM
    LUBBOCK, Texas

    Nicole MaddoxNicole Maddox has been promoted to Vice President and Manager of Fraud and Deposit Operations. She joined City Bank in 2014 as a BSA Officer. Nicole is married to Jeff and they 2 children, one boy and one girl.

    Kyndra WatsonKyndra Watson has been named a Vice President of Real Estate Lending. She has been with City Bank for 12 years. Kyndra is married to Derrick and they have 2 daughters.

    Dustin GreshamDustin Gresham has been promoted to Vice President and Manager of Trust Operations. He has been with City Bank for 9 years. Dustin is married to Heidi and they have 3 sons.

  • City Bank to Give Away $60,000 to Nonprofits

    November 04, 2015, 3:10 PM

    LUBBOCK, Texas - October 21, 2015

    City Bank’s Community Rewards begins its eighth year next week, and there are several exciting changes to the program that will expand both the money available to local nonprofit agencies and the number of agencies that will share in those “Rewards.”

    The total amount of “Rewards” has been increased from $50,000 to $60,000 in 2015, and there now will be 18 winners instead of 10 as City Bank continues its goal of assisting our nonprofits in carrying out their missions of hope and service to people in need throughout our city and surrounding area.

    In its first seven years, Community Rewards has contributed $360,000 to some 65 different nonprofits.

    “What we do is a tiny drop in the bucket to the incredible and never-ending services provided by these agencies, their staffs and volunteers,” said Cory T. Newsom, City Bank’s President and CEO. “The demands on these nonprofits grows every year, and we are excited to grow our program as well because it helps them. They all are difference-makers, and we feel truly blessed to help them in this small way.”

    Lubbock and area residents again will determine the Reward recipients by voting for their favorite charity online at citybankonline.com. For the first time, votes will be tallied in six categories: Basic Human Needs, Health & Wellness, Child Development & Advocacy, Education & Youth Services, Community Development & Leadership, and Animal Welfare & Environment. There will be first-, second- and third-place winners in each category, receiving $5,000, $2,500 and $1,000 respectively. The top overall vote-getter will receive an additional $5,000.

     Voting will begin Sunday, Nov. 1, and continue through Sunday, Dec. 13. The rules state one vote per email address per day. Voters also must be 18 or older. Voting will be updated regularly and the top 5 in each category will be listed at citybankonline.com.  Winners will be announced the week before Christmas. 

  • Auto Loans 101: How Car Loan Interest Works

    October 06, 2015, 6:52 PM

    If you’re thinking about buying a new car, you should know how car loan interest works. Many factors determine whether your lender will give you the Holy Grail of auto lending – zero-percent financing – or a higher auto loan interest rate. Understanding this principle will help you get the best auto loans in Dallas for your next purchase.

    Factors that Affect Car Loan Interest

    • Credit score. A primary factor that will determine the interest rate you quality for is your credit score. This number is tangible evidence of your ability to manage money and make timely payments. Individuals with a score of 700 or above will qualify for a lender’s best rates. Paying your monthly bills and other loans on time will help you maintain or increase your score.
    • Debt-to-income ratio. Debt-to-income ratio measures the percentage of your income that goes toward debt and other payments, and therefore your ability to repay a loan in the eyes of a lender. The lower the amount of outstanding debt you have, the lower your rate will be.
    • Vehicle age. Nearly all offers for zero-percent financing are tied to new cars. Because older cars have already begun to depreciate in value, lenders are less likely to want to loan money on them. Used cars offered through a manufacturer’s “certified” program may occasionally qualify for no-interest financing.
    • Length of term. The shorter the length of your loan, the quicker a lender can expect to get their money back and the friendlier the terms will often be. Keep in mind that while a short-term loan may include a lower interest rate, your payments will be higher and could put more stress on your budget.
    • Down payment. Putting a hefty amount of money down on a car signals to the lender that you are committed to paying off your loan. Borrowing a large amount of money or putting nothing down entails more risk for the lender, and will probably result in a higher interest rate.

    Finance a New or Used Car with City Bank

    Let City Bank be your bank of choice when it comes to auto loans in Dallas. You’ll love our competitive rates and easy online application process. Fill out a credit application now to get started on the approval process!

  • Texas Home Prices Hit All-Time High in Summer 2015

    October 01, 2015, 1:32 PM

    In June, City Bank reported that median home sales prices in North Texas had surpassed the $200,000 mark to reach an all-time high of $207,000. And statewide, it turns out the real estate momentum isn’t far behind, according to the 2015-Q2 Texas Quarterly Housing Report released at the beginning of August. 

    Fewer Houses, Rising Prices

    The state’s Quarterly Housing Report for second quarter 2015 reveals that the median home price hit the $200,000 mark, up a whopping 8.1% over the same time in 2014. During the same timeframe, the average home price grew to $258,786, an increase of 9% year-over-year. Concurrently, the number of homes available for purchase decreased slightly, with the number of active listings 3.5% lower than the second quarter of 2014.

    “This is the first time the median price for Texas homes has risen to $200,000 and an all-time high for Texas home prices,” the Texas Association of Realtors noted.

    Selling Like Hotcakes

    The total number of single-family homes sold was up 4.7% to 88,906, a 4.7% increase from the same time last year. And the listings that did go up for sale didn’t hang around long. The Quarterly Housing Report reveals an average of 57 days on the market, nine fewer days year-over-year.

    Statewide the inventory of homes fell to 3.8 months, indicating a seller’s market. Experts consider a 6-6.5 month supply of homes to be a balanced housing market.

    Scott Kesner, chairman of the Texas Association of Realtors, pointed out that the strong second quarter came despite lower oil prices, and home sales were stronger than 2014 when oil prices almost topped $100 per barrel. “This is further evidence of the strong and enduring demand for Texas real estate,” said Kesner.

    Ready to Jump In?

    With loan processing and decision-making made locally, City Bank can help you make your dreams of homeownership a reality. Real estate lending in Lubbock and many other Texas communities is our specialty. Fill out our full online application to apply for a mortgage loan, 24 hours a day, or call us at (800) 687-2265.


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