How We Protect You

Security Reminder: Never provide personally identifiable information (Social Security Number, Account Number, etc.) in response to an e-mail. For security purposes, City Bank will not contact you for this information over the phone or through unsecured e-mail. And if we direct you to login, we will always send you to our homepage at

How does it work?

City Bank takes a layered approach to help protect your accounts and your identity.

  • Every time you login to City Bank Online Banking on a new device and/or internet browser you will be asked to select an option, like a phone number or email address, to be sent a temporary secure access code.
  • Once you receive and enter the temporary secure access code you can choose to register or not register the device and/or internet browser. Once a device and/or internet browser is registered you will not be asked to receive and enter a secure access code again unless you perform computer maintenance and/or have settings on your device and/or internet browser that prevents the registration from being saved.
  • This process is an out-of-band method of authentication that helps protect others from logging into your account without access to the phone number(s) and/or email(s) listed.

E-mail Correspondence

When we receive your e-mail address when you apply for a product or service or contact us online, we will retain that address to facilitate communication, provide you with information about your account, complete a service you have requested to better serve you. We will not send particularly sensitive information such as account numbers or social security numbers in an e-mail. When you give us your e-mail address we may allow you to choose not to receive e-mail from us that primarily contain marketing messages on our products or we may provide a way for you to tell us to stop sending such e-mail in any e-mail messages we send. The contents of your messages to City Bank will be retained for quality assurance and to meet regulatory and legal requirements. Please refer to our Consumer Privacy Policy Disclosure for information about how we maintain and use information about you, including your e-mail address.

We do not sell or share your e-mail address with third parties to use to independently market you for their products.